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The Gardener Landscaping

Lawn Maintenance and Professional Irrigation Services 

Make sure the grass is always greener on your side of the fence with help from The Gardener Landscaping. Based in Tampa, Florida, we offer professional lawn maintenance and irrigation services. Our services include:

• Trimming Hedges & Trees
• Weeding
• Mowing
• Mulching
• Installing Sod
• Installing Ponds
• Lawn Fertilization
• Pest Control
Sprinkler, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation Services in Tampa, FL

Lawn Maintenance Services

At our landscaping company, we provide our maintenance services on a weekly basis in the summer and bi-weekly in the winter. In the winter, we provide annual holiday planting services. We plant specific flowers or plants that are perfect for your special occasion.

Irrigation Services

Let our team repair your sprinkler heads, broken lines, and timer boxes. We repair, replace, or upgrade anything you need to ensure your irrigation system runs smoothly again. For enhanced performance, we recommend that you have your irrigation system checked every three to four months.

Clearing Services

Improve the resale value of your commercial or residential property with our help. We offer lawn cleaning services for properties with overgrown or unsightly yards.

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